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The Engineering Acoustics Consultancy Company.

Our clients produce high-end products for B2B and consumer markets. The mission of ASCEE is to improve the acoustic quality of their products and machines.

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These days, unwanted sound (noise) originates from a high variety of sources, all the way from coffee machines to diesel generators. This noise has several detrimental side effects. However:

  • By making machines more quiet, you can be more productive.
  • When customers choose for a certain (domestical) product, 1 out of 3 consumers chooses for the most silent one.
By applying our acoustic expertise, your product becomes leading in acoustic performance. See how we do it.

Our services

Computer Aided Engineering

Using computer models, ASCEE performs simulations to quickly enable our clients with physical insight to optimize noise & vibration, and the acoustic performance of their products.

Acoustic Laboratory

Our acoustic laboratory is fully equipped to help you characterize the problematic noise sources in your system. This is a grasp of the things we are able to help you with:

  • Visualize acoustic sources with an acoustic camera
  • Quantify the sound absorption of new (acoustic) materials
  • Choose the right protection meshes/membranes for microphones and (micro) speakers
  • Measure the sound power radiating from a machine


Using our ASCEE's software solutions, you can perform common and special acoustic measurements and analysis using an intuitive and workflow optimized user interface.

Interested in what acoustic beamforming algorithms can do, or how active noise cancellation can reduce the noise exposure? ASCEE has the tools and experience to give you a quick start in these actively developing fields of acoustics.


ASCEE is a small, but highly skilled acoustic engineering company which strives to outperform the expectations of our clients. We do this by applying our acoustic competences and design principles directly into the design loop of the end product. Our clients operate in the fields of noise control, hearing aid systems and consumer audio electronics. As our work often ends up in competitive market fields, confidentiality limits the amount of showcases we can give. We try to compensate this by showing more fictitious examples in our knowledgebase.

The founder of ASCEE is Anne de Jong, a PhD-level experienced acoustic engineer.

Besides our consultancy work, we try to push the boundary of acoustic possibilities by performing (possibly on contract-basis) acoustic research. Most of this research is done under strict confidential conditions. However, sometimes it happens that part of a research can be disclosed. Here you will find an overview of our publications.